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Did you know that most of the famous Brands of Champagne are content with buying grapes from random vineyards…We only selected passionate vignerons growing their own grapes….Making our wines real unique signatures…

Why choosing us ?

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Best quality

Our wines are sharply selected only among the best Champagne terroirs. Most of them are Premier Cru or Grand Cru classified. They all received prestigious awards at world-famous wine contests or very good reviews in different gastronomic guides.

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Best price

As awesome bubbles will be the only intermediate between you and the producers, we can offer the best prices for the finest Champagne wines. We guarantee best prices on Champagne in all Ireland.

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Personalised advices

You don’t know what to choose from our awesome bubbles range? You want to enjoy a Champagne that could highlight a complete dinner? Yes, Champagne can do this so we carefully listen to you and find together the One that suits. You want to drink it on its own but you don’t like something too acid or too winy, we know what you need! Just ask, we are more than happy to help.

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Awesome bubbles cares about the transport of your order with all the attention it needs. We personally deliver to your door in Dublin county.

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See further

Buy now and store! Champagne is one of the most concenient wine to keep at home. Why? Chemistry: Carbon dioxide (bubbles) – on top of pleasing your palate at every sip – protects the wine. The only conditions you need is a place with a constant temperature ( <20 degrees, no cellar needed) and no direct light. No doubt that you can find a place like this at home!

And as the saying goes; “Always keep a bottle of Champagne in the fridge for special occasions, sometimes the special occasion is that you have a bottle of Champagne in the fridge” Awesome bubbles

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Wine investment remains one of the most profitable, ask your financial advisor! Wine value increase with age. So what should you choose to make it right? A Vintage Blanc de blancs (Chardonnay age better) and if you can go for magnum size bottle (better proportion between liquid and gas), you have the winning combination! But no need to be a rocket scientist or a finance superstar, just contact us, Awesome bubbles will make it easy for you!

A great team

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Our wine makers
Their story ... Your pleasure

Champagne Jean-Noel Haton

Haton Champagne was founded in 1928. This family-run business in Damery is successfully independent and owns its vines…

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Champagne Gabriel Pagin

Roger Gabriel harvested his vineyard in Avenay Val d’Or for the first time in 1946. Avenay Val d’Or is a terroir classified as Premier cru…

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Champagne Patrick Soutiran

Having taken over from Gerard Soutiran in the early 70’s, Patrick Soutiran was joined by his daughter Estelle in 2007…

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Champagne Bernard Lonclas

Champagne Lonclas was founded by Bernard Lonclas in 1976. Everything takes place in the heart of the typical village of Bassuet…

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Champagne Bernard Brémont

Michèle, Bernard and their parents created their brand Champagne Bernard Brémot in 1965 in Ambonnay…

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Champagne Monmarthe

The Monmarthe family has been living in Ludes since 1737 and has been owning agricultural lands and vineyards…

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